A.E.A scouting and development

Scouting Basketball

Aimhigh Scouting and Development division is designed for our Professional athletes. This division of our company develops and assists our players in securing opportunities to play beyond amateur status . Along with our associate "Elite Sports Management" company out of Europe, with whom coach Reggie has worked with for many years, Coach Reggie uses his  wealth of contacts domestically in the NBA, minor leagues and internationally  to promote and assist our players in securing opportuities to coach and play. We train minor league players when they are out of season here in Phoenix and frequently have clubs and agents send players to Phoenix in the summers to train with us to prepare for pre-draft camps, International tryouts as well as NBA summer leagues. Greater than 70% of professional basketball players hire a trainer. We understand that  the value of experienced training can give you an edge in the extreme competitive world of professional basketball. Having played greater than 10 years professionally in Spain, Italy, France, South America, Asia, NBA as well as the minor leagues, Coach Reggie offers the unmatched experience as a player/ coach and trainer. Our own Mohommed Tangara (former University of Arizona) has worked with us and is currently playing professionally when he is not training with us.