About Us- front page

Aimhigh Elite Athletes is an elite basketball club and training academy.  We run year-round basketball programs including camps, clinics, teams, and training. A.E.A has eite travel tournament teams as well as developmental teams that are push equally so that all player may reach their maximum potential. Our senior  coaches are vastly experienced. All have coached and/or played professionally and at the collegiate level. Coach Reggie has played and coached at the highest professional level and holds coaches clinics to insure that all Aimhihigh Elite Athletes coaches meet and maintain the level of expertise and professionalism  that our members have come to expect. Aimhigh Elite Athletes is a large club with a family atmosphere that also stresses the importance of being a student-athlete first. We have minimal turnover in our club due to our level of expertise, professionalism and integrity. 

The Aimhigh Training Programs offer the unique combination of intensive, on-court skills training and basketball-specific athletic performance training. Our skill academy and private training programs are recommended for players that are looking to improve their skills, technique & tactic, as well as the removal of any bad habits. Our overall goal is to assist each player with his/her overall basketball improvement, but more importantly, we want each participant to develop a clear understanding of what it takes to improved. Aimhigh Elite Athletes helps players reach their  highest potential by utilizing cutting-edge training techniques and a distinctive coaching style that stresses physical improvement, mental toughness, and leadership. Our focus on attention to detail and hard work is unprecedented. The development of players on and off the court is paramount to the club.

“We build character while breeding champions.”