Who is a good fit for the Academy?

We accept children from ages 5-17. Players should have some basic skills to be able to participate in the open skills clinics, but we recognize that our job is to help players improve. Often, for less experienced players, we recommend private sessions to gauge their talent level and identify whether they are ready for our clinics.

If a player joins the Academy, will they automatically be placed with a team?

No.  Periodically we hold try-outs for our teams. Our teams are reserved for players we believe are ready for advanced competition.

Where do our teams compete?

Our teams will play in local competitive leagues and that require us to play in various gyms. When appropriate, we will enter select tournaments. If selected for a Blue Travel team, accumulative tournament fees will be paid upfront seasonally.

Does a player need to participate in both the Academy and the team?

No. Our Academy is open to all players. While a player who makes our team is not required to participate in the Academy, it is highly recommended that they do. The skills they learn in the academy are directly applicable to team play.

Is my child guaranteed playing time if he makes the team?

 Yes. In local league play all kids will play, while we do not guarantee a certain amount of playing time, it is our goal to give everyone valuable playing time and experience.  Players are encouraged to attend practices and academy or playing time could be affected.

What is the commitment to play on an A.E.A Basketball Team?

We practice once or twice a week depending on the grade. We typically play in leagues  games on friday or Saturday. Tournaments will only be played selectively and when the majority of our players agree to commit to specific dates. Tournament games could run on Sunday as well. Although if you are place on a BLUE team, there is a firm commitment to practices and travel schedule as these are our top teams and we need consistency on these teams.

Where does all this happen?

Our academy and many team practices are held at  North Phoenix Baptist Church Gym (5757 N. Central Ave) on Sunday evenings at 6-8 pm. Some practices are also held at our other locations. Christ Lutheran school on Mondays at 3901 E. Indian school rd. and St. Simon and Jude school at 6351 n.  27th ave.