Private Training

 Over 70% of professional athletes work with a personal trainer. Individual training has shown to be essential to the acceleration of growth of talented players. Our focus during personal training is to analyze and define the strengths and weaknesses of each individual and set a plan and  to improve and strengthen their skill sets. The objective is to educate the player as well as train them. Each player may work to strengthen their skill set and understand when to apply the things they have learned. We go through the nuances of the game so that each player may gain confidence in their instincts and understanding of the game.

Our individual workouts are tailored to a player's specific skill level, but they're always rigorous and intense so that the player can starts to see positive results. We incorporate advanced shooting drills and form correction, advanced ball handling and footwork, a variety of attack moves and finishes, and on court strength and conditioning . Our clients range from youth and college to Professional players as well.

Private Lessons


Pricing for private training for youth athletes:

$45per hourly session with Junior Coaches/Trainers

$55per hourly session with Senior Coaches/Trainers

$35per player for small group training (min of 4 players)

*You may inquire regarding private training fees with Coach Reggie Fox

**College and Pro Athletes Training fee with Coach Reggie Fox TBD based on experience