AimHigh Shooting Clinics

AimHigh Shooting ClinicThe AimHigh Shooting Clinic narrows its focus from an overall skills camp, and specifically teaches the art of the shooting. The AimHigh Shooting Clinic teaches players the proper footwork, balance, and elevation needed for him to reach his maximum shooting potential. Shooting Camp will include lectures and drills from former NBA developmental Coach Reggie Fox. Coach Reggie stands in the record books at his former University as one of the best shooters in the schools history.

Our qualified trainers specialize in the instruction of ball handling, shooting, and overall offensive skill development. AimHigh offers a variety of programs, including individual training, group training, specialized skill clinics, and day camps throughout the year.

Today, AimHigh runs several training programs and skills clinics that suits players from all skill levels. Through private individual lessons and large competitive group sessions, players get the skill development they need to reach their basketball potential. Shooting, ball-handling, footwork, finishing moves, and overall offensive decision making are the fundamental principles that AimHigh strives upon.

 Our Basketball Shooting Instruction Includes:

  1. * Learn how to become an elite shooter through games and drills
  2. * Shot development work in small groups where you get maximum repetitions
  3. *  Intense shooting on the move as well as stationary catch and shoot technique
  4. * Campers will be divided into divisions by age and ability
  5. * Camp is for ages 9 and up

Camp dates: TBA